Seasoned Negotiators
Seasoned Negotiators
Pragmatic Business Counselors
Pragmatic Business Counselors
Skilled Trial Attorneys
Skilled Trial Attorneys

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Our goal is to be more accessible to clients than attorneys at larger law firms. Most of our clients do not keep 9-to-5 schedules, so around-the-clock service is what we provide.

Winning formula

Horowitz Law Group’s attorneys offer our clients a wealth of experience in each of our practice areas. More importantly, Horowitz Law Group places great value on the professional relationships our attorneys build with the Firm’s clients. In fact, many of the Firm’s clients have been represented by the same Horowitz Law Group attorney(s) for decades. This is no accident. When top-notch lawyering is combined with mutual trust and collaboration, great results follow. This has been our attorneys’ shared experience.

Proven Track Record of Success

Horowitz Law Group’s attorneys have achieved uniformly outstanding results for the Firm’s clients by combining their deep knowledge of the law in their respective practice areas, with the type of practical approach to business issues that can only be gained through years of experience. We understand when to push, pull or seek a quick resolution. If success is measured by client satisfaction, Horowitz Law Group is doing very well.

Cost Effective

Horowitz Law Group’s attorneys have big firm experience, so we understand the importance of delivering top-quality legal services at costs which are budget-friendly for our clients. Our business model is designed to keep traditional law firm overhead to an absolute minimum, and pass those savings on to our clients, with no compromise in the quality of our work. In sum, Horowitz Law Group offers great value.

About the firm

We are Horowitz Law Group - a New Jersey/New York based law firm, specializing in labor and employment law, construction law and commercial litigation.  We are a boutique quality, result-oriented law firm with extensive experience in our practice areas and a proven track record of success.


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